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Stopaq® Wrappingband CZHT

Product Information Stopaq® Wrappingband CZHT is a high temperature corrosion preventing wrap material adhering extremely well to steel and factory applied pipeline coatings like PP, Liquid Epoxies and FBE. It is very suitable for use on buried and immersed pipes, for use on pipes and risers in offshore atmospheric conditions, and for use on

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Stopaq® Paste CZHT

Product Information Stopaq® Paste CZHT is a corrosion preventing moulding paste that is especially designed for high temperature applications. It adheres extremely well to steel and factory applied pipeline coatings like PE, PP and FBE. Stopaq® Paste CZHT is a non-toxic, cold-applied, and visco-elastic moulding paste, based on a compound consisting of non-crystalline, low-viscosity,

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Stopaq® Mortar WR

Stopaq® Mortar WR is a cement based, rapid setting mortar to be used in conjunction with Stopaq® sealing products for waterproofing of pipe and cable wall inlets. Stopaq® Mortar WR is suited as mechanical support and as waterproof barrier for pipe- or cable wall penetrations filled with Stopaq® 2100 Aquastop, Stopaq® 4100 Putty or

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Stopaq® Wrappingband CL

Stopaq® Wrappingband CL is a non-crosslinked, non-crystalline, monolithic viscous polymer based, prefabricated wrap coating with cold flow, visco-elastic properties. Stopaq® Wrappingband CL is a corrosion preventing wrap material, adhering extremely well to wet surfaces such as bare - or coated – steel pipelines suffering from condensing water. Stopaq® Wrappingband CL is viscous at the

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Stopaq® 4200 Filler

Stopaq® 4200 Filler has excellent adhesion- and penetration properties, a wide service temperature range, and is fully resistant to water. The corrosion preventing, non-curing, surface tolerant Stopaq® 4200 Filler is designed for filling and protecting hard-toclean or non-cleaned corrosion sensitive areas in narrow, difficult to access spaces such as gaps between flanges, around bolt

Stopaq® 4200 Filler2017-04-20T18:10:47+00:00

Easy-Qote VE-Paste

Product description Easy-Qote® VE-Paste is a ready to use, high temperature, corrosion preventing mouldable compound in roll form. Excellent adhesion to bare metals commonly used in pipeline industry e.g. cast-iron, ductile iron, carbon steel, and alloy steel types. It also adheres very well to coatings commonly used in this industry e.g. PE, PP and

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Stopaq® Wrappingband EZ

Stopaq® Wrappingband EZ is a unique, costeffective product intended to be used for a wide range of structural applications where water ingress and/or corrosion is a problem. Stopaq® Wrappingband EZ is easy to install offering excellent sealing and corrosion preventing properties. The material contains a reinforcement fibre mesh and has a greyish polyester non-woven

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EasyQote VE Basecoat

Product Information Product description: Easy-Qote® VE Basecoat is an unique low temperature, cold applied, non-crosslinking, non-crystalline, monolithic applied viscous polymer with excellent adhesion to ferro-and non-ferro substrates, coated substrates, difficult substrates like PP and PE, but also to dry concrete and asphalt when abrasive blasting preparation or grinding is no option. The Easy-Qote® VE

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