Product description

Easy-Qote® VE-Paste is a ready to use, high temperature, corrosion preventing mouldable compound in roll form. Excellent adhesion to bare metals commonly used in pipeline industry e.g. cast-iron, ductile iron, carbon steel, and alloy steel types. It also adheres very well to coatings commonly used in this industry e.g. PE, PP and FBE plant coatings. It is designed for use as moulding compound for filling voids, leveling irregular shaped surfaces and rounding internal corners to create a smooth transition prior to install Easy-Qote VE-Basecoat.

Easy-Qote® VE-Paste is a low temperature, cold applied non-cross-linking, viscous polymer with cold flow, and visco-elastic properties. Easy-Qote® VE-Paste is viscous at the indicated operating temperatures and, due to its liquid nature, flows into all irregularities of the substrate under pressure. The compound does not cure and is unable to build up internal stress. Easy-Qote® VE-Paste is fully resistant to water and is air-and water-damp tight.


  • 100% Solids visco-elastic polymer
  • No VOC
  • Ready to use product
  • Inert to aging and weathering
  • Surface tolerant product (minimum St2/St3 for steel)
  • No surface profile required
  • No corrosion creep
  • Excellent corrosion protection on steel substrates
  • Adheres on virtually all dry substrates
  • Mouldable paste underneath Easy-Qote® VE-Basecoat
  • Low temperature resistant without getting brittle
  • Low surface tension/very good substrate wetting
  • Very low gas-and water vapour permeability
  • Environmentally friendly, no health and safety hazards to humans
  • Service temperature (dry) from -45˚C up to 70˚C (-45 up to 158˚F)
  • Can be applied from -10 up to 49˚C (14 up to 120˚F)
  • Resistant to many chemicals like water, salts, acids, alkalis, polar solvents, etc. For specific information,

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