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Product description: Easy-Qote® VE Basecoat is an unique low temperature, cold applied, non-crosslinking, non-crystalline, monolithic applied viscous polymer with excellent adhesion to ferro-and non-ferro substrates, coated substrates, difficult substrates like PP and PE, but also to dry concrete and asphalt when abrasive blasting preparation or grinding is no option. The Easy-Qote® VE Basecoat can be topcoated with various Easy-Qote® elastomeric coatings.


  • 100% Solids visco-elastic polymer
  • No VOC
  • Ready to use product
  • Surface tolerant product (minimum St2/St3 for steel)
  • No surface profile required
  • No corrosion creep
  • Excellent corrosion protection on steel substrates
  • Adheres on virtually all dry substrates
  • Can be used as monolithic carrier for Easy-Qote® elastomers
  • Low temperature resistant without getting brittle
  • Low surface tension/very good substrate wetting
  • Very low gas-and water vapour permeability
  • Resilient, sound-damping characteristic
  • Easy dry installation, even when having complex shapes
  • Service temperature (dry) from -45 up to 70°C (-45 up to 158˚F)
  • Can be applied from -10 up to 49˚C (14 up to 120˚F)

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