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Mechanical Protection

Product Information

Stopaq® Outerwrap PVC

Stopaq® Outerwrap PVC is a UV-resistant, flexible polyvinyl chloride tape, coated with a modified pressure sensitive rubber resin adhesive. Stopaq® Outerwrap PVC is used for the mechanical protection of corrosion preventing coating systems such as Stopaq® Wrappingband CZ and CZH. It is well suited for above ground, underground and

Stopaq® Outerwrap HTPP

Stopaq® Outerwrap HTPP is an outer wrap tape providing mechanical protection to corrosion preventing coating systems comprising e.g. Stopaq® Wrappingband CZHT. It is made of a radiation cross-linked high density polyethylene backing (HDPE) and a crosslinked elastomeric adhesive, provided with a release liner for proper unwinding of the roll.

Stopaq®Outerglass Shield XT

Stopaq® Outerglass Shield XT Grey is a solvent free pre-impregnated bi-axial woven glass-fibre reinforced outerwrap wrapping cloth, curing to a hard shield by means of a water activated polyurethane resin. Stopaq® Outerglass Shield XT is used as a rigid mechanical and impact resistant layer on pipeline steel surfaces protected

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