Stopaq® 4200 Filler has excellent adhesion- and penetration properties, a wide service temperature range, and is fully resistant to water. The corrosion preventing, non-curing, surface tolerant Stopaq® 4200 Filler is designed for filling and protecting hard-toclean or non-cleaned corrosion sensitive areas in narrow, difficult to access spaces such as gaps between flanges, around bolt threads in bolt holes, tank chime areas and around flange seals where water can accumulate. The material is suited for application with a hand operated, electric or pneumatic caulking gun, equipped with a flexible nozzle (supplied by Stopaq®), does not cure and is unable to build-up internal stresses. Due to the permanent viscous properties, Stopaq® 4200 Filler will during time, tend to flow out of the filled spaces. Therefore the filled gaps should be covered with additional Stopaq® materials such as Stopaq® Wrappingband CZH or Stopaq® Wrappingband EZ. For above ground flange application, additional mechanical protection should be installed , e.g. Stopaq® Flangebelt, Stopaq® Polyester, or UV-resistant Stopaq® Outerwrap PVC.

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