Stopaq® Outerglass Shield XT Grey is a solvent free pre-impregnated bi-axial woven glass-fibre reinforced outerwrap wrapping cloth, curing to a hard shield by means of a water activated polyurethane resin. Stopaq® Outerglass Shield XT is used as a rigid mechanical and impact resistant layer on pipeline steel surfaces protected by a primary layer of Stopaq® corrosion preventing coatings such as Wrappingband and a flexible mechanical tape such as Stopaq Outerwrap. The material can be applied in various thicknesses depending on the mechanical impact stress class required according to the client specification. Stopaq® Outerglass Shield XT is supplied in rolls and is packed in vacuum sealed pouches to prevent premature curing of the resin. Stopaq® Outerglass Shield XT will cure by reaction with water or moisture to form a hard shell with a smooth surface, which is resistant to mechanical impacts, chemicals and weather influences. In case it is exposed to sunlight e.g. in above ground applications, it is recommended to apply an UV reflective top coating to prevent discoloration.