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Stopaq® Paste CZH is a low temperature, cold-applied, non-crosslinked, non-crystalline, monolithic viscous polymer based moulding paste with cold flow, self-healing, and visco-elastic properties. Stopaq® Paste CZH is a corrosion preventing, non-toxic mouldable material adhering extremely well to steel and factory applied pipeline coatings like PE, PP and FBE. Stopaq® Paste CZH is viscous at the indicated operating temperatures and, due to its liquid nature, flows into all irregularities of the substrate. The compound does not cure and is unable to build up internal stress. Stopaq® Paste CZH is fully resistant to water and has a very low gas- and water vapour permeability.

Stopaq® Paste CZH requires an additional flexible mechanical protective layer like Stopaq® Outerwrap. Optionally a rigid mechanical protective layer can be applied on top like Stopaq® Polyester or Stopaq® Outerglass Shield. Stopaq® Outerwrap improves impact and indentation resistance of the coating system and supports the self-healing ability of small damages like dents and cuts.


  • Controlled cold flow providing permanent inflow into the finest pores of the substrate.
  • Conforms to irregular shapes
  • Low surface tension; adheres on many types of dry substrates at a molecular level
  • Surface tolerant: no blasting techniques required, wire brushing is sufficient (ISO 8501-1: St 2)
  • Adhesion based on vanderWaals forces
  • Inert to ageing and weathering
  • Resistant to many chemicals like water, salts, acids, alkalis, polar solvents, etc.


  • Environmentally friendly, no health and safety hazards to humans
  • Fast and easy to apply
  • Easy to control application
  • Can be moulded onto various types of irregular shaped objects
  • No osmosis or underfilm migration of moisture
  • No cathodic disbondment
  • Cathodic Protection (CP) of steel structures is not affected
  • Guaranteed performance

Application examples

  • Flanges: For protection against external corrosion and shaping of connection flanges, insulation flanges and blind flanges.
  • Valves: For protection against external corrosion and shaping of valves.
  • Irregular shaped parts: For protection against external corrosion and shaping of manhole covers, bolts & nuts, etc.
  • Cad-welds: For protection against external corrosion of welded CP-wire connections on underground pipelines (Pin-brazes) and underground steel structures protected by CP.
  • Pipe coating repairs: For protection against external corrosion and as filler for pipeline coating defects of e.g. 3LPE coated pipelines, prior to application of consecutive mechanical protective coating.

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