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Stopaq® Through-Wall Penetration Sealing

Product Information

Stopaq® 2100 Aquastop

Product description: Stopaq® 2100 Aquastop is a compound suited for sealing of pipe- or cable wall inlets and hollow spaces against penetration of gases, moisture, standing water and running ground water leaks. It is

Stopaq® Mortar FR

Stopaq® Mortar FR is an inorganic, non-shrinking, flame retardant, non -degradable, asbestos-free mortar. It is used as mechanical support and barrier for pipe- or cable wall penetrations filled with Stopaq® 2100 Aquastop, Stopaq® 4100

Stopaq® Mortar WR

Stopaq® Mortar WR is a cement based, rapid setting mortar to be used in conjunction with Stopaq® sealing products for waterproofing of pipe and cable wall inlets. Stopaq® Mortar WR is suited as mechanical

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