Stopaq® Wrappingband EZ is a unique, costeffective product intended to be used for a wide range of structural applications where water ingress and/or corrosion is a problem. Stopaq® Wrappingband EZ is easy to install offering excellent sealing and corrosion preventing properties. The material contains a reinforcement fibre mesh and has a greyish polyester non-woven fibre top layer that allows for immediate (UV-reflective) painting or coating after installation. Stopaq® Wrappingband EZ shows excellent adhesion properties without extensive surface pre-treatment to various substrates like steel, PE, PP, epoxy, polyurethane, PVC, etc. The material does not cure and can be cold-applied. Stopaq® Wrappingband EZ is engineered for use in many sealing applications against the ingress of water and for use in corrosion preventing application. The product offers a long-term performance in e.g. commercial, residential, utilities, telecommunications, transportation, electrical, water, wastewater, agricultural, and industrial uses. Stopaq® Wrappingband EZ can be coated with several types of topcoatings, e.g. 2-component coatings like polysiloxanes, epoxies or polyurethanes, or 1-component coatings like waterborne acrylics.

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